Growing our Impact Together: Entrepreneurship for Social Workers 

Want to make a great living caring for others?

Then this is for YOU

You have a dream – a dream of caring without sacrifice – of spreading your social souls’ wings and creating your big difference.  You want to go through your day fulfilling your purpose while feeling respected, confident and supported (with a big dollop of freedom too!).

I’m here to help you realize that dream.

I’m your steppingstone. A social worker AND successful entrepreneur since 2006 myself, I know the pitfalls. The doubts. The feeling all alone.

I can show you the way and help you build your business feeling supported & secure (avoiding some of the mistakes I made!).

Through a basics online program and next level mentoring I offer you a proven plan to bring your bold dream into reality. Without feeling overwhelmed and with as little hurdles & hiccups as possible.

Remember …

True and sustainable transformation comes from commitment and investment in your dreams.

Although there’s lot available here for free, you know in your heart when it’s YOUR time to step up, play a bigger game and choose for a paid program. Trust your journey & have a look at the programs below to see if there’s a good fit for you.