Good service and personal attention are the default standard when you serve your clients. When you enter a store you as a customer expect a good service. If you get good service you’ll feel seen and heard as a customer. You’ll feel satisfied with the experience. But satisfaction is not something that encourages you to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

When you enter a store and you get what you expect but above that, you’ll get something extra, something unexpected, a surprise, you’ll feel another emotion that goes deeper than satisfaction. You’ll feel surprised, delighted and perhaps seized with emotion. These are emotions that you are likely to share. These are the stories people share which each other: “yesterday I was at the grocery store and this happened …”


This is the secret of happy clients: give them something they do not expect.

A surprise, something unexpected, something extra.


Happy clients are your raving fans. They are gold! Every Social Worker needs fans. Right? I guess you have them! Clients who refer others to you. Clients who speak out how much you mean to them. Clients who give you loving testimonials.

Let me share some numbers whit you:
  • 75% of people don’t believe advertisements, 92% believe brand recommendations from friends
  • people are 4x more likely to buy when referred by friends
  • WoM generates 2 x more sales than paid ads  
  • only 33% of businesses are actively seeking and collecting reviews


How can you actively create raving fans who give you word of mouth?

You now know the secret: give them something extra. How can you do this as a Social Worker? I love to share some of my ideas but I also want to encourage you to come up with your own ideas.

  • send a WhatsApp at somebody’s birthday
  • a print of a selfie with your customer by mail
  • bring a box of chocolate to say ‘thank you’
  • share the story of your client and give them the spotlight
  • send handmade postcards
  • bring a candle and light it when you’re in a session
  • flowers: everybody loves tulips!
  • a good morning message to your client

One last tip: share testimonials. On your website, in your newsletter, on social media. Most happy clients are willing to give you a testimonial. But you have to ask them!

One of my own testimonials that I’m very proud of is from Jelle de Boer who did the “Basics in Entrepreneurship for Social Workers” program:

This program is really a good fit for Social Workers who, just like me, are full of ideas. Who want to start their own business to bring these ideas into reality and serve humanity. Especially Social Workers who never thought of themselves as entrepreneurs should join this program. This is your opportunity to get guidance from Anneke. With her inspiring and calm personality she shares her wisdom with you. This is your chance to build the foundation of your own business.


Believe me, I could never have said this in these words myself. Happy clients can! They say exactly what you have to offer and what makes this special.

I hope I have inspired you to seek more active for raving fans and WoM. Do you already have stories from happy clients? I would love to hear them! Please share them in the comments below ? ? ?



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