Juliet is my mastermind buddy for over 2 years. We meet online every Wednesday at 7 pm.

When Juliet told me she would be in London, I responded “I’ll come and meet you”.

But straight after that objections came up:

  • I do not have the time
  • I can not afford this
  • I’m not sure if I need this
  • What if Juliet and I won’t match
  • What if there’s a delay and I can’t get home the same day?

And so on ….

But when I returned to my core feeling, I knew I wanted to meet her. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity [Juliet lives in Zimbabwe].

Regret would be a greater risk.


So I took the first step to start this adventure and booked a ticket.

Every adventure, every opportunity starts with overcoming your objections and take the first step.

Each step after that first step will be easier.

If you think of starting your business or private practice this is today your call.

Your once in a lifetime opportunity.


Not knowing is a greater risk.

If you won’t allow yourself to start this entrepreneurial journey you’ll never know how it is.

How it is to earn a decent income with your qualities.

How it is to follow your dream.

How it is to take care of yourself and your family.

How it is to increase your impact with your own biz or private practice.

How it is to have freedom.


Regret is a greater risk.

I met Juliet and it was wonderful.

I now know how it is to hug Juliet in real life!

I’m so happy I did it. That I dared to take this risk.

I now know that I would have had regrets if I hadn’t done it.


If you sign up now for the BASICS program you’ll even get my guarantee:

if you do regret it you can stop before week 2 and get your money back.

So, how do you feel?


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