Growing our Impact Together: Entrepreneurship for Social Workers

The call for more entrepreneurship in the Social Work is getting louder. All kinds of shapes are starting to show.

  • Social Workers that are entrepreneurs in their own job, in their community, in a project
  • Social Workers that start their own business or private practice (or already have started), that call themselves entrepreneur, independent contractor or freelancer
  • Social Workers that start a business or private practice next to their job and combine both

To be an entrepreneur is not for the money. It is because you want to create better chances for your clients. For a safer neighbourhood, a better community, a peaceful world.

Entrepreneurship creates opportunities!

To be an entrepreneur is to get further in life. Away from the paralysis you feel when standing still too long. On your way to work on your dream for a better world.

Entrepreneurship creates movement!

Is it an adventure that you dare to start? To research how this will fit you?