It’s all about customers! When you’re a Social Worker Entrepreneur your customer is the VIP that walks into your door. So you better love them!

A company or practice without customers is not in business. If no one buys what you created there’ll be no revenue, no money coming in to keep your business running. At one moment you will even have to close the doors and give up your biz.

Customers pay your salary, your phone, the desk you’re working on, the coffee you’re drinking each day.

Loving your customers starts with a strong focus on who they are, what they dream of and how you can help them with that. I’ll explain this a little more.

Who are your customers?

Not everybody can be your customer! So you have to make a choice for a specific ‘audience’. The more specific you choose, the more you’ll attract. This is a marketing rule that works very simple. If you’re targeting a specific group it will be

  • easier to understand them
  • easier to create a message for them
  • easier to reach out to them
  • easier to create products that fit the needs

When you have the freedom to choose the customers you love working with that’s perfect!

What are the dreams of your customers?

Customers are always people with a problem. Big or small problems, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this problem is causing a pain. A pain they want to get rid of. That’s their dream: a happy life without this pain. They tried to solve this problem themselves of course. But that didn’t work. That’s why they need you.

You have to love their dreams and understand the pain that’s keeping them away from their dreams. Your customers will trust you if they get the feeling that you really understand them.

How can you help your customers with their dreams?

Do you have a solution that solves the pain? Are you the expert that will offer a proven solution? For this, you need a strong vision: What is the reason that your specific clients have this pain that keeps them away from their dreams? Is there something they’re doing wrong? Is there something in the way they live? Is there something in the way they think?

When you have the solution you package it in an attractive product and you can bring it to the market. I’m sure that your specific customers are there already waiting for you!


Now take a minute and reflect on these questions. Do you know who your customers are? Do you know their dreams? Is your solution really helping them? If you have 3 ‘yesses’ I’m sure that you will feel the love. That there’s a big smile on your face right now.

  • If you’re not sure about your customers,
  • if you feel that there’s not enough connection,
  • if you feel that they do not know you and your product,

then you should work on this part of your business or practice. Make this your first priority because your customers are the most important persons in your biz. You really have to love them! Of course, let me know if I can help!


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