When was the last time that you have hit your very own REFRESH button?

Spring is inviting us to renew.

To feel born again.

Fresh from the egg.


Dear Social Worker,

Time flies! It’s already halfway March. Perhaps this scares you up and makes you think of all these things that you wanted to do but did not do. You can feel a headache coming up when you think of all the things you still have to do. You just finished working on your goals for 2018 and now the first quarter is almost done! Ieks.

Your agenda and to do list looks like a rollercoaster but how about YOU? As a professional? As a human with needs too? Is there time for you to reflect? To sit backward? To get off the treadmill? Time to refresh?

Spring is the perfect season to hit the refresh button. If you take a closer look at nature and the seasons there’s always movement. There’s always growth. Even in the wintertime when nature seems dead there’s movement. Now in the spring, it’s time to get out and focus on the fresh and green.

People are made to move. Are made to grow. We are made to start over and over again and hit the refresh button. Also when it comes down to your profession. Professionals who freeze risk getting grumpy. You do not want to be a grumpy social worker. Right?

Your refresh button might be a good book that you are reading, or a touching conversation, or a desire that’s getting stronger by the day. You refresh button is where this little voice is that whispers that you should start moving. I think you know where your button is …

The renewal that you’ll choose, doesn’t have to be huge and vivacious. A small change, a new daily habit can give you already that instant fresh feeling. A new dress or handbag. Just the fact that you allow yourself to refresh, that you allow yourself to follow your natural need to move, to grow, to renew, will give you that gut feeling. Do you recognize this?

Carpe diem! Enjoy your day today. Open your windows and let spring come in. What will you do to hit your refresh button? It would be very nice if you’re willing to share this with us. In this way, we can inspire each other.



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