You Want To Grow Your Own Business

but you don’t know what you’re doing wrong …

THE NEXT LEVEL PROGRAM is a 3 or 6 Month one on one Mentorship Program to optimize your social worker business so you can increase your income & impact.

Let me ask you…

How would life look like if your business (or practice) made you ample money to live on AND you didn’t have to work for it SO hard for every cent?

Imagine …

  • No more money stress
  • No more doubts about whether you run your business effectively
  • No more profit margins the size of a petite four
  • No more talks about “perhaps I should give this up and take a “real” job”
  • No more trying to do everything yourself
  • No more feeling lonely

In this mentorship program you & I will join forces and mend the leaks that stand between you and real business success. We’ll discover how your business can run more effectively and more true to you.

Not only will you have clarity about WHAT needs to happen. I’ll also share with you my personal insights & wisdom and show you HOW to do take those important steps. For example …

  • HOW to double your prices
  • HOW to create a dependable stream of clients
  • HOW to create healthy profit margins
  • HOW to create a list of buyers
  • HOW to effectively outsource without breaking the bank

And so much more.

Sipko den Boer says …

“I had the strong wish to combine my many passions into one business. But I had such trouble figuring out how! Now, I’m much more capable of putting my values, qualities and talents into words. I translated these into an offering that fit the needs of my clients. I stand behind my work a 100 %!”

This I Know about you …

If worries and self doubt weren’t an issue, your business could be so much more. YOU could be so much more! Instead of solely focussing on keeping your business afloat & the bank balance in the black, you’d have the bandwidth to create those offerings you know in your heart are so needed. Besides increasing your impact & income you’d also be able to enjoy life more. Isn’t that what you want?

If you feel a big YES, I want to help you get you to that point of creative and financial flow & abundance.


If you would like to know if the Mentorship NEXT LEVEL Program is for you, click on the link below and schedule your Introduction Session now.

You pick my creative and innovative brain for 45 minutes. You’ll get my advice and ideas on your business issues.

Karin Straatman says …

“…My business is back in shape (target market, copy, product descriptions, website) and I can’t wait to help my clients shine again. Thanks to this training, running my business is a blast!”