So sweet! Children dreaming about who they want to be when they are grown up. Pilot, fireman, millionaire, professor, social worker …

Did you have a dream when you were a child?

Was it your dream to become a Social Worker?

And now you are a Social Worker, are you done?

Or are you still dreaming?

You do not realize this yet but in the next three minutes your dreams will light up as a firehouse on the beach!


Old times

In the old times, you could become what you wanted to be if you knew how to climb the ladder. A career was predictable. You went to the appropriate college, found yourself a starting position, got promotions and voila … you hit your goal. And you were done for the rest of your life included some more planned promotions.

I went to Social Work College, started doing volunteering jobs, got myself several temporary jobs and finally found my lifetime job. Voila, goal accomplished. Right?


Modern days

Now everything is different. A career is unpredictable. The ladder became a treadmill. You’re never done. There’s always more. The moment you’ve become someone, the next challenge knocks on your front door.

The choices are overwhelming: you can choose to go right, left, through the center and after each crossroad another one is hidden.

So there’s always another ‘When I grow up …’. Even if you’re 55 like I am.



Sometimes you can feel so exhausted. Certainly, if you feel that someone else is turning your treadmill. Your manager, your colleagues, your financiers, your clients, your family (let’s not forget them!) …

The desire to step out of the treadmill can get very strong. Just to lay down for a minute an rest your head. To feel how you feel. To know where you are on your adventure. To connect with your dream again.



The later is the solution! Connect with your dream again. And shift your mindset from being to becoming. It really helps to realize that you’re in a transformation. To believe in your own transformation as if you’re the hero in your own adventure book.

The goal of transformation is growth. You’re on a journey to become the best version of yourself. To have fun. To be friends with yourself. To love yourself. To be of meaning and create impact in your world. For the people you love.

We as Social Workers are part of this transformation. You need your dream!

Can you already feel how your dream starts to glow?



This is the only way to get out of the treadmill. To embrace your own transformation. Become your own boss. Create your own plans for your next step. Find out what you need to become more and more who you are. Keep your door open for the future. There are opportunities waiting for you right now. Even if you’re 55 😉



Of course, there will be discomfort. Things might even get a little messy sometimes. But if you are in charge of your own transformation you can endure this. Believe me. You’re strong. Your dream, when you’re grown up, will keep you moving. And if you feel tired just allow yourself to rest.



At the end of this blog, I want to ask you to take a moment for yourself. Did your dream knock on your door? Did your dream light up as a fierce lighthouse?

Now think first what it will cost you if you stay on the treadmill. What will become of you when you’re grown up? Exhausted with a burn-out on the couch? Sad or angry because you let this happen by always helping others with their dreams and forget about your own dream?  

Now think what you need to transform. To follow your dream and become the best version of yourself. Can you list three things that you need right now? I would love it if you want to share your list below (of course I understand if you want to keep it private, you can also send me a note)

In my next blog, I’ll show you how you can transform ‘on-the-go’. Very easy with small steps in your daily practice.


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  • Susan Okpani Evans

    My dream is manifesting….shamanic training over and now able to practice after the day job doing social work….or during the weekend. Working under the name.. .Laguz Centre….a rune for water. Business cards and leaflets in process….website coming….

    • Anneke

      Susan, I’m so happy for you!

  • Wendy Robinson

    My dream at the moment is to specialize in geriatric social work, assistancing the aged, and walking the road of aging with them, in a creative way.
    Another dream of mine is to utilize my creative skills to bring in an additional income. I love doing art and it would be extremely rewarding to have it generating an income.
    I would like to utilize meditation and mindfulness techniques with aging persons to try and enhance their lives, bring them calmness and peace.

    • Anneke

      Great dreams Wendy! What would be your next step towards these dreams?

  • Smita Sequeira

    I’m passionate about my work as a Social Worker, hence I’ve just got into a new venture, and enrolled myself for a learning program in Development Management.

    • Anneke

      Hi Smita, congratulations! I’m so happy that you’re taking focused action on your dreams.

  • Grania R Motsi

    Thank you so so much, yes i’m enjoying my dream come true(Social Work profession), as a social work in the making i’m also acquiring business skills.

    • Anneke

      Hi Grania, when social work and business skills come together you have a very powerful formula!

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