The transformation from Social Worker to Entrepreneur is a really BIG change in your life. If you’re open to this change you’ll notice that it’s not easy to transform into this new identity. One of the things that you might struggle with is indecision. You’ll notice that there are many decisions to make to build your business:

  • who are my specific clients?
  • what do they need?
  • what will I offer them?
  • what will be my brand?
  • how will I communicate with my clients?
  • do I need a website?
  • what will be my pricing?
  • etc.

My students in the “Basics in Entrepreneurship for Social Workers” training program are trained to build their business step by step. Each step requires from them that they make decisions. If they are able to make fast and bold decisions they will be better entrepreneurs. To make this easier I’ve created a story of two hats.

You have two hats

One hat is the hat from the Social Worker. That’s the hat you’re familiar with.

The other hat is the hat from the Entrepreneur. That’s your new hat. This hat feels uncomfortable.

When you’re working with clients and solving their problems you probably wear your Social Worker hat: you’re full of love for your customers and pouring your heart out to help them. You want to give your clients everything they need. So this is a very important hat.

But you also have this other hat: your Entrepreneurial hat. An entrepreneur knows he has to make decisions to build a business and grow a business. A lot of these decisions are about things that are new for you: your market, branding, pricing, promoting campagnes, packaging your products, your investments, bookkeeping, and so on …

If you try to make these decisions with your Social Worker hat, you’ll have a hard time to decide and you risk shillyshally.

You have to wear both hats and learn when to wear your Social Worker hat and when to wear your Entrepreneurial hat.

In the beginning you’ll incline to your Social Worker hat and want to wear it all the time. Also because you start your business from your dreams as a Social Soul. But once you actually start building your business, like my students in the Basics program do, you have to get used to your Entrepreneurial hat. In our Student Support Group we help each other with these magic words: “chop chop!”.

The good news is that the more often you wear your Entrepreneurial hat, the more it will fit on your head.

And then at some day you’ll realise that you’ve completed your transformation and that you are both: a Social Worker and an Entrepreneur.
How cool is that!

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