How do you reach your goal? How do you start this transformation?

A 1-day training or workshop can be a good start but it’s not enough.

You need more.

Transformation is not a result of learning but always a result of DOING.

You need new BEHAVIOR that leads to these results.


In a training, a workshop or webinar you can discover what it is that you want to change. You can get connected to your dream. You can learn new tools and methods. A training or workshop can also inspire you. It can awaken a strong desire for your transformation.

But after that, the real work starts: doing what you learned in your daily practice.

Exactly this is the place where for many Social Workers things go wrong. And nothing changes. The big culprit is your daily concerns. Let’s call them DC.

There’s always a full schedule with clients and more clients. Phone Calls coming in. Email that has to be answered. The administration that’s obliged. Meetings and more meetings.

Your dream has to be somewhere in between all that stuff. You know that this doesn’t work. This is why Social Workers forget their dreams. This makes me feel so sad …


How can you make it work?



Be aware that you want to start your transformation. Pay attention to your dream. You do not have to schedule that. Do it now. What is it that you want to change?

Now promise yourself that you’re worth it. That you allow yourself this transformation. That this is what matters to you right now. Promise it yourself right now.



Now open your box with courage: how much is in there?

Do you always go for safe results? Safe results evoke safe actions.  

Do you want to go for your dream? Dreams inspire to dream actions. Accept that acting on your dream could mean that things can get a little messy. That’s okay but you’ll need some more courage. So take a close look at your box with courage. How much is in there?



Now determine which actions will lead you to your transformation. Choose 3 new daily habits that you can start with right now.

Keep it simple. For example:

  • check your bank account each day
  • read a blog about entrepreneurship each day
  • meditate
  • say each day to friends and family that you’re becoming a Social Worker Entrepreneur (this one I recommend because this is very powerful).
  • your choice …

Think of small actions you can do throughout the day. They will cost you just one little moment. In this way, they do not have to compete with DC. Start today with these 3 new habits.



How can you make sure that you’ll really, really do this? By keeping yourself accountable. I use for that. A simple but very effective app.

Fill in your 3 new habits and decide how many days you will succeed in acting on these new habits. Do not choose 7/7! I always start with 3/7. Works fine and is doable.

At the end of each day, I check my new habits in the app. And that’s it. Your transformation has started. Now just keep on moving!


This is transformation ‘on-the-go’. Simple, smart and effective. This will lead you to new habits and these habits will lead you to your dream: having your own business or private practice.


 I hope this formula will work for you too. Do you have your own formula? Please share it with us so that we can help each other!


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  • Lizar Polk

    This information is very helpful. Will I need to take any Entrepreneur classes. If so, what is the estimated cost and length of a course?

    • Anneke

      Hi Liza, thank you! Please have a look at my BASICS program. It’s 8 weeks course, lifetime access, and € 247,00. Price will go up on May 1st. Let me know if you have any more questions.
      Here’s the link:

  • Alix

    You write so beautifully about the process <3

    • Anneke

      Thank you so much Alix! This means a lot to me <3

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