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THE BASICS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR SOCIAL WORKERS PROGRAM is the most secure way to start and build the foundation of your business or private practice – even if you don’t know where to start, what to sell & have ZERO in your pocket – using our proven 7 step plan.

You’ll build your business or private practice, in a way that you can fully enjoy helping people again!

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When you know where to start and you can see your journey mapped out in 7 easy steps, you can start to move forward. Step by step. We cover each part of your business or private practice: from choosing your niche untill your first sale. At the end you’ll have your own business or practice, fully aligned with your social soul, allowing you to focus on helping others again. Your business or practice will provide you a future where you can take care of yourself, your family and your needs.”

Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!

My name is Anneke Krakers

I’m the founder of business programs for Social Workers. I’ve created this “Basics in Entrepreneurship” program because Social Workers who are starting their business or private practice really need all the help and support they can get.

I’ve made the transformation myself: from a Social Worker with a job to a Social Worker Entrepreneur. It was a huge struggle.

I’m a hard working, independent woman. I’m pretty good at turning dreams and ideas into reality. As most Social Workers do. But what I didn’t realize was that becoming an entrepreneur was at some points a turn of 360 degrees. Coming from a place where my non profit hormones have been nurtured for such a long time, it is very difficult to act and think in terms of making profit.

I really made a false start …

I struggled with this for almost 3 years on my own. I felt really lonely. After 3 years I started working with my first business coach. This was my salvation. Since then I kept learning from the best coaches I could find to get support to grow my business so that I could help more and more Social Workers. To be honest: I couldn’t have done what I’ve done now without my coaches.

I understand!

I created my own system of 7 proven steps, perfect for Social Workers. Now I am a Social Worker business mentor myself. To give Social Worker Entrepreneurs that specific and social help and support they need from a mentor who understands them. And now I’ve really fallen in love with helping others again and being a Social Worker.

You’re a Social Worker and you’re curious about starting your own business or private practice (or you’ve JUST started one). But there are a few road blocks like not being sure where to start or even what to sell. Let alone the fact that you have ZERO in your pocket! Your head is overflowing with questions, like …

  • Where will I find the money?
  • What are the first steps I should take?
  • What investments are necessary, and which ones can wait?
  • Should I turn my idea into a private practice? Online business? Education business?
  • What if people don’t want to buy what I offer?
  • How & where do I find clients?

Sad but true: these roadblocks have the power to stop you from dreaming about your own business. So you stick to your job, you earn far less then you deserve and your workload makes you feel exhausted.

Imagine …

that there is a solution for each of these roadblocks. A system of 7 easy steps you can follow to bring your dream come true and build your own business or private practice as a Social Worker!

Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!

That is exactly why we have created The Basics in Entrepreneurship for Social Workers. This program will give you the knowledge, entrepreneurial skills + the support you need to turn your idea into a solid business that is a 100% aligned with your social and soulful heart.

Imagine welcoming your first clients a few weeks from now and start making your BIG difference – wouldn’t that be priceless? 

Having your own business or private practice will mean:

  • That you feel the sparkle again: you will notice that already before the training starts (there will be a positive shift in your energy)
  • You’ve taken control over your work, your freedom, your future
  • You’ll experience the joy of being an entrepreneur and having your own business
  • You’ll love being a Social Worker again and helping others because you’re also taking good care of yourself
  • You created a sustainable and profitable future for yourself, your family and your clients (Think of wealth, freedom, peace of mind …)

Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!

Danielle Bax says …

Before working with Anneke, my biggest frustration was that I didn’t make any money with my business. I also had lost my focus & confidence. I tried changing course, but suffered from information overload and only felt more and more insecure. 

I contacted Anneke because I knew she could give me the clarity and calmness I needed to turn things around. 

Anneke put my mind at ease, and gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. Together we plotted a new course to make my next launch a success. She showed her vulnerable side, which empowered me to embrace my own and make me realize I’m not alone. 

I’m most thrilled with the peace of mind and the self confidence I have now in running my business. It feels like a reset! I have a clear goal, and more… I know how to get there! 

Anneke is the perfect match for you if you’re struggling with setting up a business or are running a business but unsure about what to do next. 

Don’t miss out on her creative ideas, true support and the possibility to ask any question that might come up for you! 

Step by step we’ll build your business


You’ll start with the prework to prepare yourself for your entrepreneurial journey.


Who is your specific client? You choose your ‘niche’.


What is keeping your client up at night? You specify their needs.


How are you going to help your client to solve this? You create your offer.


Why should your client choose you? You develop your unique brand.


You get to know your potential clients. You use technics to get in front of your prospects.


You invest in warm relationships with your prospects. You use technics as listbuilding and contentmarketing.


As a result from step 5 and 6 you get the trust of your prospects. At this point they will turn into a paying client.

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For each step you will get everything you need to know to feel confident about your choices and actions.

Each step is one online module. Each module contains 3 short videolessons. You’ll receive all the modules in once so you can follow your own pace. Our advice is to take one step each week.

But there’s much more. Here’s a clear overview of all the elements of the program:

Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!

By the end of The Basics Program, you’ll have the foundation of your own business or private practice – social, soulful and solid.  

Your foundation includes:

  • a lasersharp focus on your market, your niche
  • a suite of the products you sell (with full focus on helping people!)
  • a unique branding proposition, the look and feel of your unique brand
  • a personalized marketing strategie including:
    • how to get prospects
    • how to build warm relationships
    • how to get trust and finaly the sale
  • the basis for long term outcomes like wealth, freedom, peace of mind

There are a lot of business coaches out there who promise you BIG revenue. I rather be honest: you cannot build a successful business or private practice overnight. I’m your mentor but you have to do the work. That’s why I do not guarantee you 6 figures in one year. I’m fine with that.


What do you get is my unwavering belief in your capabilities and your dream! I know for sure that if you build intentionally and thoughtfully the foundation of your business, things will start moving in the right direction. You’ll create freedom and impact in your life and the lives of others: personally, socially and financially.

Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!

Kirsten Regtop says …

Last year I decided to find out if I could make a business out of my blog. I noticed that I was able to touch people with my blogs and that made me really happy. I definitely wanted more of that. I knew there were no opportunities within my current job so the next possibility would be to start my own business.

I yearn for more freedom to grow my creativity as a Social Worker. To do what has to be done. And to feel confident while meeting other professionals. To do so I had to overcome a lot of things: I was afraid of being visible, to act on my own, I had a lack of confidence. It was time for a training to find out if I could really start my own business to create this freedom. I needed a training program that was aligned with my profession and personality.

I joined The Basics in Entrepreneurship program. During the program I discovered a lot of beautiful new tools and insights. The program helped me step by step to follow my path. My destiny became more and more clear and led me to my own business I started one and a half month after finishing the training program.

Thank you so much Anneke for the training but above all thank you for the person  you are who helped me to feel confident and find the courage to take this step. I’m enjoying all the beautiful things that are happening and will happen in the future. I can’t wait for my first assignment that will surely come my way!

Here’s some more practical info for you

  • You can start now (we’re accepting new students at this moment)
  • The program has 7 modules, 21 video lessons, workbooks and templates
  • All modules will be released in one package. Our advice is to do one module a week. You can pick your own day of the week to do the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

plus my answers of course!

What if I'm not available for one or two weeks of the program?

No problemo! All modules will be available during the training. The materials are yours to keep and you can download them on to your own computer.

Will there be a guarantee?

Yes. If it doesn’t feel like a good fit you can ask for a refund in week 1.

How much time will it cost me?

Schedule 2-6 hours per week to get maximum results.

I’m just dreaming and my ideas are not clear yet. Is that okay?

Yes! This training is made for you. If you fully show up, ask for the support you need and give me a chance to help you, we’ll figure out your business together.

I’ve already started my business. Will I benefit from this training?

Yes, but remember this is a Starter Training. If you’re struggling to get clients and feel there’s something missing in the foundation of your business, come on over! If you’re ready to expand your business, check out my Growth Program (Starter Training is included!)

Speciaal voor mijn Nederlandse klanten! (only for my Dutch customers)

Het complete programma is er ook gewoon in het Nederlands! De videolessen, het werkboek, de bonussen. Als je kiest voor extra mentor sessies dan doen we dat natuurlijk ook gewoon in het Nederlands. Als je binnenkomt in de trainingsruimte krijg je vanzelf de keuze tussen Engels en Nederlands. Je hoeft daar dus verder niets voor te doen.

Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!

Toos Driessen says …

Before I met Anneke I had no idea how to find participants for my 8-week Mindfulness training. I also didn’t know how to keep my business moving forward and regularly found myself at a stand still.

When I met Anneke I had no doubts whatsoever. It felt good right away. I knew that with Anneke I would broaden my horizon and step out of my comfort zone.

Anneke taught me business essentials I’d overlooked before. Knowing my target audience and their most pressing pain point really helped me bring new clients on board.

With Anneke’s help, I was able to create great content for my website that truly speaks to my customer. She made me conscious of the importance of honing the know, like and trust factors. This is now my main focus.

Looking back, I feel truly enriched. It’s been a stimulus to continue my journey and to keep faith in my deeper motivation – that mindfulness creates a better world.

The biggest takeaway was the importance of marketing instruments if you want your business to thrive. Our work together inspired me to learn more about Facebook Marketing.

Work with Anneke if you intend to create a client centered business with strong know, like and trust factors.

Thanks for everything!

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Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!

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You’ve struggled long enough with your job! Now it’s time to join our forces and build your own business or practice. You will fully enjoy you’re a social worker again.

  • Basics Program
    450,00 one time payment
    • NOW 50% off > € 225,00 until August 1!

Now SUMMERSALE! 50% off if you register before August 1!