Growing our Impact Together: Entrepreneurship for Social Workers

Do you ever feel like being a social worker

has become a too big a sacrifice?

You care with every fibre of your being. Empathy runs through your veins. Acutely aware of the needs of others, you decided to spend your life in service – to alleviate pain and suffering for those who experience poverty, abuse and loneliness.

You decided to be the embodiment of hope.

But the trouble is …

There’s a huge gap between your dreams of hope and healing, and the reality of being a social worker. The sad truth is that you’re not seen and valued for the incredible work you do. Even though you give it your all, you experience no job security, no fair salary and no acknowledgement.

This is why you struggle with your profession. And let me tell you: you’re not alone.

I know, I’ve been there

I’m a social worker myself. And, as with you, this profession caused me huge frustration. In fact, it made me cry. Despite the good work we were doing, my colleagues and I were suffering from low salaries. Budget cuts undermined our work. Some of us lost our jobs.

We found ourselves trapped in a web of rules, misunderstandings and sometimes even a hostile approach from the government.

The Solution

I started dreaming: what would it be like, if social workers became the real heroes of our society?

Because for me, that’s what you are: a hero. I’ve made it my mission to make others see this too – to create the change necessary to get YOU the praise & pay you deserve.

I gathered all the self-confidence and courage I had and made my first small step: I started my own business; I became a social worker entrepreneur. It’s the best decision I ever made.

This is what I realized: becoming a social worker entrepreneur and stepping out of the existing system is the solution to our problem – a brand new game that enables you to…

Live your passion of helping others

Getting paid what you deserve

Create the job of your dreams

Experience the freedom you’ve been craving

“For years I wanted to have my own business, because as a social worker I feel attracted to entrepreneurship. To create products and sell them successfully. With Anneke’s help I got the confidence that I can be a successful social worker entrepreneur.” [Bindia Ramcharan]

I am Anneke

I live in The Netherlands (I’m 100% Dutch and love tulips). I have two wonderful kids and a happy little dog. In the past few years I became fearless – doing things I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing when I was in my thirties:

I started blogging, climbing desert hills and traveled with my daughter to the US and Bali. We even visited Bakersfield and got our infinity tattoos in Phoenix. My daughter: “Mom, even when you’re dead we’ll still be together”. I melted and submitted myself willingly to the ink needles!

I made it happen

In the past 10 years I’ve helped thousands of social workers to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve written a book on marketing & branding for social workers, am a sought after guest speaker and debuted as the first social worker on twitter in the Netherlands!

In the last two years, I’ve focussed on offering social workers the support, inspiration and knowledge they need to start their own beautiful businesses.

“You gave me all the answers I needed and what I hoped for. I’m now putting my plan together to start my own business. You came in my life just in time.” [Marjolein Haver]

Here’s how

I know what you’re thinking:

Becoming a social worker entrepreneur sounds fantastic, but I don’t think I can pull it off!

I hear you. And yes, making the switch can be a tough journey. It was for me.

First, there’s the mindset. Mine was a nightmare! My thoughts and experiences around earning money were rotten: “Who needs money?” I said. “The only thing that matters is being of service to those in need! Money is for greedy people”.

Now I know that money isn’t dirty. I need money to take care of myself, keep my business going and make my difference.

No money = No business = No help to others.

Second, I discovered that I knew nothing – absolutely zero – about finding clients. At one point I had a business (heck, I even had a website!) but no clients whatsoever. I learned the hard way that paying clients don’t drop from the sky.

Being successful as an entrepreneur is all about marketing, branding, packaging your offer, pricing and promoting.

The good news for you

I’ve figured it all out and created a fast track for you to follow. So you can start your business without the hurdles and hiccups I went through.

The system I’ve created consists of 7 easy steps. If you tackle one step at the time and bring them into action, you can become a social worker entrepreneur too – promise!

“My own social worker business from dream to reality. Anneke makes it clear, compact and do-able.” [Petra Koers]

This is a huge step. I realize that. And I know from experience that dreams can come true. Especially modest dreams like taking care of your family financially, driving a decent car and living debt-free – you deserve it.

My journey continues as I’m taking the global leap – reaching out to social workers across the world. Why? Because the undervaluation and underpayment of social workers is a global issue that needs a big solution. I’m climbing the world stage to tell people that there IS a solution. It’s not fixing the system. It’s breaking free from it.

Are you ready to play a brand new game?