In spring

Sometimes you really have to be a Sherlock Holmes to find the firsts signs of spring. But you know, spring is coming. The sun gains warmth, the blackbird sings his first song. If you really take a close look you’ll see the signs too.

I’m convinced that Spring is also arriving in the field of Social Work. After a decade of losing power, losing money and status, it’s time we see the signs of hope. Here are 3 signs that have convinced me that Spring is just around the corner:


We need warmth to grow and flourish. I feel the warmth of our profession at the moments that social workers gather together. Places where we meet and talk about our profession and shared the passion for helping people in need. Places where there is an open space and open mind to connect.

In togetherness, we create the warmth to be creative. To bring all our opportunities to their full potential.

This warmth doesn’t know boundaries. I’m the proud founder and owner of a global community. It is a very supportive and warm community of entrepreneurial social workers called “Social Souls, Hangout for entrepreneurial social workers”. We help each other always in a positive and encouraging way. That’s a place where I sense Spring!


Every new beginning is vulnerable. In a very early stage, each new life is fragile. But every little germ has the potential to grow big. I notice that more and more social workers embrace the fresh start of new beginnings. They claim time and space to cherish their ideas and plans for a better future for themselves and their clients.

I meet Social Workers with a very strong belief in the potency of their plans and ideas.

Very early plans need to be protected. We have to take care that these plans and ideas are not blown away. They need a safe place in the lee to gain power and strength. Sometimes they also need a strut.

Social Workers with a job who want to grow their ideas need managers who protect and support them. At the moment I’m working for a Social Work company that has created a safe space for a team of change agents. They get all the protection and support they need to experiment with innovative plans and ideas to strengthen the organization.

Other Social Workers start their own business to work on their ideas. More and more students enroll in my program “Basics in entrepreneurship for Social Workers”. The support community encourages students to embrace their vulnerability. The community offers support and protection to get from a very early idea into a complete business.


Spring is full of surprises. We know it’s coming but when and how that’s always a surprise. And if the same plant that was blue in the last year will be blue again this year, is something you never know for sure.

I also see surprises around me in the field of Social Work. March is also Social Work Month and in this month Social Workers show that they’re proud of the profession and become creative in showing the love.

Have a look at this surprise. Or this one. And finally this one I’m very proud of.

Surprises give you energy. The oh’s and ah’s make you hungry for more. Surprises evoke curiosity: if this is possible what else could be possible too? It’s a kind of an accelerator for growth. I love that! We simply could create more surprises 😉


Now, let’s do a wrap-up. 3 signs that Spring in Social Work is coming:

  • together we create the warmth to grow
  • we create safe places where very early and vulnerable ideas can get protected and supported
  • we create surprises that evoke curiosity and make us long for more

My quest is just a beginning. I’m sure that there are more signs. I would love it if you want to share your signs below in the comments. In this way, we can enforce the hope that there’s a bright future for Social Work just around the corner <3


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